National Motor Club Approved As Member Of Direct Selling Association

Irving, Texas – June 26, 2014 - National Motor Club (NMC), one of the largest independently owned motor clubs in the nation, was recently approved as a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). This selective membership certifies that National Motor Club and its sales organization, NMC Field Services, are committed to the highest standards of business ethics and customer service.

The Direct Selling Association is the highly regarded trade organization for leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services directly to U.S. customers. Prospective members undergo a rigorous evaluation of their company’s marketing and business plan to ensure compliance with all provisions of DSA’s Code of Ethics, one of the strongest self-regulatory codes in the direct selling industry today. Prospective members must also complete a minimum one-year pending period, before becoming full members.

“We are honored to have been accepted for membership in the Direct Selling Association,” said Scott Florence, president of NMC Field Services. “This membership speaks to our company’s dedication to integrity in everything we do, and serves as a testament to the organization we have built and the colleagues who work alongside us every day. National Motor Club has delivered peace-of-mind products and outstanding customer service to millions of drivers for more than 50 years, and we look forward to continuing this commitment while also making economic opportunities available for many more Americans."

DSA’s Code of Ethics includes provisions requiring truthful disclosure of product information regarding price, grade, quality, quantity and availability. Additionally, the Code expressly prohibits pyramid schemes, deceptive or unlawful consumer or recruiting practices, misrepresentation of earning or sales potential, inventory loading and unreasonable entrance fees.

“Direct sales is a great alternative to a traditional corporate job, and is becoming the preferred option for millions of Americans every year,” said Matt Krzysiak, CEO of National Motor Club. “We are proud to have recently celebrated a record 2013 sales year with thousands of our Independent Benefit Consultants (IBCs) across the U.S., and we look forward to helping them be even more successful, now that we are a DSA member. National Motor Club is also proud to uphold DSA’s Code of Ethics, which reflects our strongly held, company-wide values.”

In addition to recently announcing a 53 increase in total sales and a doubling of its IBC team in 2013, NMC Field Services also recently introduced exciting new services, products and technology to create increased direct selling opportunities for its nationwide sales force. They include a new, benefit-rich Security Shield membership package, a new NMC Field Services website and new sales tools for use by IBCs.

NMC Field Services is the sales organization for NMC and has established itself as a premier marketing and direct sales agency, with exceptional administrative support and a visionary approach to leadership and wealth-building. NMC Field Services has developed a unique advance, commission and ownership plan that allows IBCs to earn money immediately and build toward a financially secure future. IBCs have the freedom to determine when, where and how many hours they invest in their business, which means it is a career that can be either a full- or part-time commitment. For more information on NMC Field Services, visit www.nmcfs.com.

About NMC

National Motor Club (NMC) is one of the largest independently owned motor clubs in the nation, dedicated to providing first-class service to customers since 1956. The Irving, Texas-based company serves millions of drivers throughout the U.S. and Canada through its vast network of more than 40,000 qualified roadside assistance providers. NMC members have access to around-the-clock emergency services 365 days a year, provided by professional, friendly, U.S.-based representatives. Members enjoy such high-touch, personalized service that, when surveyed, 96 percent say they would recommend NMC to others.

About the Direct Selling Assocition (DSA)

DSA is the national trade association of the leading firms that manufacture and distribute goods and services sold directly to consumers. Among its more than 240 active and pending members are companies selling both via a party-plan method and in the traditional person-to-person style. In 2013, U.S. direct sales were nearly $32 billion with nearly 17 million direct sellers nationwide. The vast majority are independent business people—micro-entrepreneurs—whose purpose is to sell the product/service of the company they voluntarily choose to represent. Approximately 90 percent of direct sellers operate their business part-time. For more information on direct selling, DSA and its Code of Ethics, please visit DSA’s website, www.dsa.org.