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National Motor Club Holdings, Inc. Names New Presidents of National Motor Club and Coach-Net

Irving, Texas – December 18, 2014 - National Motor Club Holdings, Inc. recently promoted two members of its leadership team to serve as presidents of National Motor Club (NMC) and Coach-Net. Heidi Vincent and Dan Lopez have been named president of National Motor Club and president of Coach-Net, respectively. Matt Krzysiak, who continues to serve as CEO of National Motor Club Holdings, the parent company, previously held the title of president for NMC and Coach-Net.

“These promotions will serve to strengthen both organizations by giving them each a dedicated leader whose daily focus is on enhancing their individual brands and meeting the unique needs of their members and industry partners,” said Krzysiak. “Dan, who was our Vice President of Business Development, has years of experience anticipating and meeting the needs of RV owners and outdoor enthusiasts, as well as a deep understanding of the RV industry as a whole. Heidi, who held the position of Chief Marketing Officer, brings over 20 years of experience working with membership organizations and a diverse marketing background to her new role. Through their strong leadership, the continued dedication of our employees, and the powerful industry partnerships we have forged, we will continue to offer a superior service experience and to provide products and services that deliver true customer confidence.” Krzysiak will continue his focus on building and expanding the entire organization with best in class service and brands.

Established in 1956, NMC is one of the largest independently owned motor clubs in the nation, serving as a leading provider of emergency roadside assistance and other safety, security, savings and travel-related benefits. Coach-Net has been a trusted RV industry partner for more than 25 years and has relationships with many of the industry’s leading RV manufacturers and dealers. National Motor Club Holdings is based in Irving, Texas

“I am honored by this promotion and look forward to sustaining NMC’s focus on priority number one: our members,” said Vincent. “We plan to offer drivers an expanding range of options to cover their roadside assistance needs while also delivering valuable savings opportunities and other benefits. By continuing to market these products through our nationwide network of Independent Benefits Consultants, as well as through our own enhanced direct marketing efforts, we expect to reach even more drivers and show them how they can benefit from NMC membership.”

“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to lead Coach-Net’s team of dedicated professionals and to build on their long-standing commitment to supporting the RV industry,” said Lopez. “As part of our effort to be the best solutions provider in the RV industry, we are dedicated to developing and offering products and services that are especially meaningful and valuable to RV dealers, RV owners and our RV manufacturer partners. We will continue to focus on delivering the highest level of customer service, ultimately providing the very best in peace-of-mind protection for those who enjoy the outdoor and RV lifestyle.”

Both NMC and Coach-Net will continue to provide emergency roadside assistance via their parent company’s dispatch center in Hickory Creek, Texas, which is known for consistently delivering outstanding customer service, drawing on its employees’ deep knowledge base and specialized experience serving the automotive and RV industries, including niche markets such as classic/collector cars and heavy-duty trucks.

About NMC

National Motor Club (NMC) is one of the largest independently owned motor clubs in the nation, dedicated to providing first-class service to customers since 1956. The Irving, Texas-based company serves millions of drivers throughout the U.S. and Canada through its vast network of more than 40,000 qualified roadside assistance providers. NMC members have access to around-the-clock emergency services 365 days a year, provided by professional, friendly, U.S.-based representatives. Members enjoy such high-touch, personalized service that, when surveyed, 96 percent say they would recommend NMC to others.