Updated Membership Offerings Create Unmatched Income Opportunities for NMC's Independent Benefits Consultants

Irving, Texas – April 29, 2013 – National Motor Club (NMC), a leading provider of automobile- and travel-related safety, security, and savings benefits, has just launched a new premier membership level as part of its enhanced suite of membership products. The Security Premier membership provides members with features and benefits unmatched in the industry while also offering NMC’s Independent Benefit Consultants (IBCs) generous income opportunities.

Going far beyond just emergency roadside assistance, the Security Premier membership also includes valuable safety and security benefits such as 24-hour personal accident coverage, complimentary Assist America membership, identity theft resolution services; and travel assistance reimbursement. Membership also offers access to savings of up to 15% on automotive services and repairs, and up to 60% savings shopping online with hundreds of retailers.

"I am thrilled about our new membership products suite and the benefits offered to both our members and our sales team,” said Scott Florence, president of NMC Field Services. “NMC’s innovative product offerings set us apart from other motor clubs and provide our existing and potential Independent Benefits Consultants with an industry leading direct-selling business that creates unparalleled income and wealth opportunities.”

NMC Field Services is the sales organization for NMC and has established itself as a premier marketing and direct sales agency with exceptional administrative support and a visionary approach to leadership and wealth building. NMC Field Services has developed a unique advance, commission, and ownership plan that allows IBCs to earn money immediately and build toward a financially secure future.

IBCs have the freedom to determine when, where, and how many hours they work, which means it is a career that can be either a full- or part-time commitment.

“Nearly everyone in America has a need for the products we offer,” said Florence. “Personal safety, family security, and saving money are concerns that touch people from all walks of life. NMC provides a membership that helps individuals and families have peace of mind, which gives our IBCs the opportunity to offer a wonderful product and, at the same time, build a long-term, personally and financially satisfying career.”

For more details, visit www.nmcfs.com or contact NMC Field Services by calling (800) 503-1217.

National Motor Club truly cares about its members and it shows. Each month an independent third party surveys members who have received dispatch service from National Motor Club.

Tallied and then averaged for the year, the response are from people who indicated on the survey they were satisfied or better with our service. Our customer satisfaction ratings are consistently 97% or better.

About NMC

National Motor Club (NMC) is the largest independent motor club in the nation, dedicated to providing first-class service to customers since 1956. The Irving, Texas-based company serves hundreds of thousands of members throughout the United States and has a vast network of more than 40,000 qualified roadside assistance providers. NMC provides members with around-the-clock 24/7 dispatch services, 365 days a year, by professional, friendly, U.S.-based representatives.